How to Protect Your Privacy at Open Inspections

How to Protect Your Privacy at Open Inspections

Few homes are sold without the prospective buyer taking a tour of the property in person. An open inspection is a tried-and-true process of real estate, however, it does mean letting numerous strangers through your home. It is not unreasonable to expect that potential buyers will likely be opening cupboards and wardrobes to look at the available space.

This can seem a little unnerving for vendors, especially if you are a private person.

Open inspections are something that happens every day and every weekend, mostly without any incident.

But if you are feeling a little worried, here are some tips to protect your privacy and safety when you open your doors to the public. If you are still unsure, always speak with your agent who can put other steps in place to make you feel more comfortable.

Don’t be reckless with that necklace

It is a sensible idea to lock away any valuables that could be easily picked up during an inspection. It includes any jewellery, money or credit card that you may leave out in the open. The same goes for trinkets, treasures, photographs, framed degrees and medications.

Keep a directory

Organise with your real estate agent to take down the details of people who view your home. This doesn’t just give you a strong database of your potential buyers, but also adds an extra layer of security should anything happen to your home. Asking for an actual ID is another level of protection.

Ensure and Insure

By keeping that insurance policy airtight, you’ll protect yourself against damages and losses incurred at an open inspection. There can be energetic children, and people will be unfamiliar with their surroundings – accidents can happen, so be prepared. Check with your insurer that your policy covers open inspections.

State the date

In the time leading up to the inspection, make sure any signage and advertising clearly state the time and date of the inspection. While healthily interested buyers are an excellent indicator of a sale, you don’t want people dropping by at just any time or snooping around the yard when you’re out – unless they are accompanied by your agent.

Private inspections

Your agent can also carry out private inspections. This way they can discreetly ‘qualify’ potential buyers by asking a series of questions about their intentions, budget and motivation to purchase such as if they are looking for a home or investment.

Open inspection

While you may feel nervous about opening your home to the public, it is a good way to ascertain the level of interest in a property and potential competition. House hunters consider it a convenient and easy way to take a look at a property.

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