Pseudo Echo – The Ultimate Tour

Pseudo Echo - The Ultimate Tour

After sellout shows across the country, Pseudo Echo are back with their ‘Ultimate’ tour 2023, which coincides with the release of the Ultimate double album and DVD, chronicling their expansive forty year music career.

Pseudo Echo pioneered the eighties with their avant-garde look and electro sound, introducing audiences to a new sound in an era of pub rock. Making history along the way, Pseudo Echo became the first unrecorded band to appear on the legendary Australian music show Countdown. Following the release of gold and platinum albums Autumnal Park and Love An Adventure, the band achieved world-wide success with the release of their international hit Funky Town, establishing themselves as one of the most iconic, multi-award winning bands in the country. 

The Ultimate tour features a six-piece line-up, performing a hit-filled two hour set, including Funky Town, Listening, A Beat For You, Don’t Go, Living In A Dream, Love An Adventure and more, faithful to the original sound.

Also, for the first time since the eighties, the band will be performing feature tracks from the much loved stadium rock Race album.

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