Redlands White Christmas – This is The Story

Redlands White Christmas - This is The Story-01

Immerse yourself in the enchanting holiday spirit as the Redland City Choir proudly presents Redlands White Christmas – “This is The Story”. Join us for a joyous celebration that captures the true essence of Christmas, embracing its spirit of goodwill and joy.

With a stellar record of sell-out shows over the past nine years, we are thrilled to once again delight our devoted Redland’s audience with a spectacular concert. Featuring a wonderful range of musical styles that are sure to captivate and delight.

Prepare to be mesmerized by our lineup of guest artists, including the talented Adam Lopez, Kym Hebblewhite, Greg Moore, and Graeme Kan. Be swept away by the lively and infectious Christmas songs brought to life by Ange and Matt Schoemaker, igniting the dance floor with their energy! Jacob Cavanaugh and The South of the River Community Band, together with the Christmas Singers, will enchant you with their stirring rendition of a Darkly Carolling Carol, while the surreal harmonies of Christmas Pentatonix songs will leave you mesmerized.

Our show will also feature the incredible talents of children from schools across the Redlands, adding a touch of youthful magic to this beautiful festive celebration. To top it off, don’t miss the touching O Holy Night duet, performed by our Choir director Anita Taylor and her 86-year-old father.

This show is designed to be enjoyed by all ages, and we look forward to seeing you there as we create cherished memories together.

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