Renoluxe Construction for Dream Kitchen & Bath Makeovers!

💚 Live Local, Love Local! 

Looking to create your dream kitchen or bathroom but not sure where to start? The Gemma Coady Team can’t recommend Renoluxe Constructions highly enough!

We’ve personally used Gary and his team at Renoluxe Constructions for several repairs and renovation projects, and we’ve always been impressed with their professionalism, expertise, and dedication to quality. They’re a fantastic local business that truly listens to your vision and brings it to life.

Here’s why we love Renoluxe Constructions:

✅ Local Expertise: They understand the Redlands Coast and can tailor their services to your unique needs.
✅ Exceptional Workmanship: Their team is committed to top-notch quality that will stand the test of time.
✅ Seamless Process: They’ll guide you through every step of the renovation, making it stress-free and enjoyable.
✅ Free Consultations: Get a free quote and discuss your dream kitchen or bathroom with Gary today!

Contact Renoluxe Constructions on 0434 005 206 and mention The Gemma Coady Team for a chat!


Want an obligation-free appraisal?

Want an obligation-free appraisal?